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Psychic Cord Release Process SM

What is a psychic cord?

Psychic cords are energetic attachments that can form between people. Cords most often extend from the chakra(s) of one person to corresponding chakra(s) of the other. Individuals will develop psychic cords when both relationship partners believe – either consciously or unconsciously – that their wholeness is dependent on one another. The beliefs that create cords stem from unfulfilled needs and/or deeply held emotional patterns or karmic misinterpretations.

A psychic cord will produce minor, chronic, or severe problems on mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and/or physical levels by compromising the functions and expressions of the affected chakra(s). For example, cords can be the root cause of misdirected creative energy, inhibited self-expression, loss of personal power, unresolved anger, fear or grief, poor interpersonal boundaries, chronic spinal weaknesses, poor health, and, in extreme cases, death.

Although symptoms of cords can vary greatly, an individual will always recognize a chronic power drain from a specific relationship when a cord is present. Cords most typically occur between children and parents, or between spouses, sexual partners, or siblings. Psychic cords may carry over from another lifetime. In these cases, karmic partners reactivate the cord in the present as they seek to continue or complete their relationship.

How does the does the release process work?

Due to the deep, often complex nature of cording dynamics, the Psychic Cord Release Process (originally named Psychic Cord WorkSM in 1983) does not entail a prescribed strategy for clearing all cords. Rather, it utilizes a step-by-step dialogue that invites in-depth examination of one’s experience. Throughout the process, the practitioner guides the client to explore a specific relationship to uncover unresolved emotions, conscious and unconscious beliefs, and self-limiting and reactive behaviors. Because this work combines processing with energy focus, releasing a cord takes only one session.

Once the cord is released, an individual will enter a period of integration. This phase of work includes, but is not limited to, creating new life strategies, demonstrating self-advocacy through communication and action, and evolving into a full expression of the chakra(s) affected. One or more sessions are scheduled to focus on fulfilling integration.

Does releasing a cord end a relationship?

The goal of the Psychic Cord Release Process is not to sever relationships – it is simply to dissolve the cord. Without the cord, the once-attached individuals are free to experience themselves and the other as whole. Although the release allows both relationship partners to grow and evolve, it is usually the one who consciously engaged in the process that sees the most definitive transformation. This process is also effective when clients are working with deceased corded partners or with parents who they never knew.

I created this process 25 years ago, and it has been central to my private practice ever since. This work is honoring, accelerating, and awakening. On energetic and emotional levels, it unburdens body, heart, and soul in the most elegant and effective ways. - Elizabeth


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