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Healing is a journey of self-actualization – a deepening into your body, heart, truth, emotions, purpose, and core spiritual connection.

Understanding and working with subtle energy is an essential part of body-mind-soul healing. Subtle energy and energy system mirror our wholeness, offering us a blueprint for discovering the interrelationship between our thoughts, emotions, and body, our history, trauma or pain, spirituality, and well-being or lack of it.

The work that I have developed is integrative and respectful. It does not superimpose labels or methodology onto your process. My intention is to respond to your healing and personal growth goals. Along with this intention, I incorporate what your energy system reveals, which may be a need for clearing, revitalization, and/or full development and expression.

As an energy practitioner and educator, my work is founded in 40 years of my personal spiritual practice and 37 years professional experience. My book, Where Body Meets Soul: Subtle Energy Healing Practices for Physical and Spiritual Self-Care, guides readers to understand and experience the inherent connection between subtle energy and their health, consciousness, and spirituality. My background and journey. Book endorsements.

I live on Whidbey Island in Washington and conduct individual and group mentorship programs on both the west and east coasts, while maintaining a private practice with local and long-distance clients. My current group projects are Shadows, Wisdom, and Wholeness: Reclaiming Selves from the Dark and The Practice of Peace: Nonviolence for Personal and Social Transformation. Courses and Individual Work

I am also a contributor to Hilary Hart’s latest book, Body of Wisdom: Women’s Spiritual Power and How it Serves.

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