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Core Principles

All that we are as individuals is rooted in our soul’s evolutionary journey. Our awareness, abilities, goals, our challenges, wounds, and perceived failings emerge from this context. Honoring this, the healing work I offer fosters wholeness, self-empowerment, and karmic resolution.

Any trauma or difficult life challenge will initiate a healing journey, which requires time and intention to complete. Learning to tend to this process in a loving and committed way is a core part of body-mind-soul healing. Through caring devotion to self, grace is realized – and distress gives way to awareness, to wisdom, to wholeness.

The art of healing is grounded in the practitioner’s ability to be present, to respect, and to respond. Central to my approach is also the intention to facilitate an awakening process – one that helps individuals open pathways for self-love, personal truth, self-commitment, purposeful action, and their innate spiritual connectedness. Through our work together, clients develop greater ability to be conscious and compassionate stewards of their own lives.

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