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Chakra Clearing with Applied IntegrationSM

If you embrace holism as a model for health and healing, working with the chakra system is a necessity. It is through the chakras that you are able to access the most accurate and immediate information of about your physical, emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual expressions and conditions.

About Chakras

Chakras are energy centers that mediate life force energy between the energy field, the unified field, other people, the environment, and the physical body. Through this circulation of energy, chakras nourish the body and its physiological systems, having the greatest energetic influence on the area of the body nearest to its location. The major chakras are positioned along the central vertical axis of the body, beginning at the perineum ending at the top of the head.

Chakras are also consciousness centers. In this capacity, each serves a specific spectrum of life activities and issues. The chakras open or close, receive, block, and transmit energy in accordance to our internal, often unconscious, responses to life experience. They also record and hold the energy of our emotions, beliefs, and history associated with specific events, situations, or relationships.

The Importance of Maintaining Chakra Health

The energetic health and functioning of a chakra is directly related to one’s consciousness. A chakra’s condition will reveal a person’s ability – or inability – to express the specific life issues represented by that chakra. A clear, strong chakra means that within a particular sphere of life activity and self-expression, an individual is healthy, active, and evolving. A congested, drained, murky, or closed chakra reveals a substantial challenge connected to the life issues corresponding to that energy center. Any acute or chronic chakra imbalance will indicate a suppressed or conflicted emotion, compromised self-expression and/or an unresolved or traumatic life experience.

When a chakra functions at a diminished capacity, vital energy and physical health are impacted. This diminishment or compromise is the precursor to physical symptoms, weakness, and/or illness. For this reason, regular chakra clearing and strengthening are an essential part of health maintenance and personal growth. This can be addressed through self-care and/or through work with a trained practitioner.

Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration

CCAI is a method of chakra healing that addresses both the energetic condition and the consciousness aspects of the chakras. Through this work, the practitioner attunes to an individual’s chakras and recognizes their energy. Stressed chakras are identified, as are the underlying emotions, beliefs, and/or interrelated life experiences causing the chakra imbalance. Through a gentle dialoguing process, practitioner and client bring more of the chakra history to the surface.

The practitioner then actively guides his or her client to resolve the core problematic issues of the affected chakra. Corrective strategies and active integration techniques are introduced and used as self-care exercises and/or practical life homework. Through this combination of in-session and in-life applications, clients energetically clear the specific chakras. They also bring resolve incomplete life experiences, evolve through emotional pain, and develop new, self-advocating attitudes and behaviors.

The scope of this work is broad – and its gentleness and effectiveness are profound. Chakra Clearing with Applied Integration offers a spiritually sound process of consciousness growth and energetic healing. This work is appropriate for all chakra issues and problematic conditions, whether they stem from immediate circumstances or past experiences. Additionally, CCAI is a valuable tool, which can be used in combination with other modalities from allopathic treatments to traditional Chinese medicine to holistic therapies.

To learn more about this work or CCAI training programs contact Elizabeth directly email.

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