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Subtle energy practices harmonize and heal the body, mind, and soul by restoring strength and coherence to a part or the whole of the energy system. For those individuals struggling with chronic or acute physical conditions or illnesses, subtle energy practices can mean the difference between fatigue and vitality, pain and enjoyment, or a lingering malady and a full, timely recovery. Additionally, subtle energy practices can be used to initiate meditation, repair the emotional scars of trauma, cultivate compassion, and develop greater connection to the Earth.
Despite this broad range of applications, subtle energy practice is not widely understood in our culture. We have no common language or shared paradigm to reference this subject. We are still building those foundations. Where Body Meets Soul advances our collective energy education by combining articulate, thorough information with a full spectrum of healing practices to create a well-rounded, practical learning process.

Written by Elizabeth Frediani, longtime teacher of subtle energy healing, Where Body Meets Soul presents self-care practices that address physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual stress and personal challenges, yet also lead readers beyond problem solving their symptoms. The book’s message and experiential work emphasize self-knowledge by exploring the energy system as the map of one’s consciousness and health. The format of the book is simple to follow and the material is concise. Each exercise is well structured and time-tested.

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