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My Background and Training

I began meditating in 1972. My early experiences with meditation occurred spontaneously – without effort, instruction, or forethought. Rather they awoke in my body through energy and became an integral part of my life in the beauty and wilderness of British Columbia.

As I grew in energetic sensitivity and perception, I actively sought a spiritual education. I chose to study with the Arica Institute in Vancouver, B.C. and New York. The work of Arica was based primarily on Buddhist and Eastern practices. I became an assistant teacher with them in 1975. While teaching with Arica, I studied with a group of gifted psychic healers who were affiliated with Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and the Science of Mind Church. I received extensive psychic and esoteric training from this group.

While my education broadened my spiritual context, it offered little direction or information about my original experiences with energy. These came through inner exploration and my commitment to develop what I knew. My focus returned to my body-centered practices and to my ability to see energy, which at the time, I called light. I trained myself to use my abilities “on call,” accessing them on a moment’s notice. The more adept I became, the more I saw the healing potential of working with light.

I maintained a private practice for four years, before founding a healing school in Boulder, Colorado, in 1984. The Transformational Healing Institute served the community by creating a forum for the study of energy healing. Its curriculum incorporated the whole system of energy-based healing practices that I developed through my personal meditation practice and my early work with clients.

In addition to long-term courses in meditation, energetic self-healing, and karmic resolution work, THI offered practitioner certification programs. These trainings centered on developing proficiency in specific healing techniques, such as the Psychic Cord Release ProcessSM and the Past Life Resolution ProcessSM, as well as a number of other transformational practices. I directed the Institute and taught its courses for seven years. I passed the school on to two of its teachers in 1991 and traveled to Whidbey Island, Washington. And, the Northwest won my heart!

Additionally, I have practiced Jin Shin Jyutsu since 1991 and have trained in both family mediation and conflict resolution. I integrate Jin Shin and mediation into my private sessions, as both perspectives offer a wellspring of effective and practical healing tools.

Astrology is an important aspect of my private work with clients. I have practiced professionally for 37 years and consider this work invaluable for anyone navigating long-term transition cycles and deep transformational processes.

While my private practice and residence remains on Whidbey, I teach at the International School of Shiatsu on a yearly basis and see clients on the east coast approximately every six months. I also work over the phone and skype with individuals across the continent.

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